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Umatilla County Historical Society photo of old play
Old photo of The Vert
Umatilla County Historical Society breaking ground for construction
Umatilla County Historical Society photo of band in front of The Vert
John and Jesse Vert photo

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John and Jesse Vert came to Pendleton from Scotland and brought with them a love for music and arts. Jesse was very involved in women’s organizations and theatrical productions. Sadly, Jesse passed away in 1929. John granted the City the funds to build a place for arts, theater, and women’s groups to meet. The labor was completed by the CCC WPA in 1936. John passed away in 1934 and did not see the Vert Theater completed. The gift that John and Jesse gave to Pendleton continues to be a home for art, theater, and women’s organizations.

There are numerous stories of the generosities of John and Jessie Vert, but this was a note of their time and how it pertained to The Vert. 


From a generous bequest from John and Jessie Vert, the historic theater named after them was completed in 1936. The Vert is awake and we are breathing energy into this timeless venue where all who host an event or performance will thrive. Our timeless spaces at The Vert includes The Vert Auditorium, The Little Theater, The Clubroom, and The Vert Garden. Each can provide endless possibilities for gatherings, performances, and celebrations. 


Our mission is to honor The Vert’s history and legacy by making sure every moment at The Vert is unique, and every experience is memorable. When musicians, artists, performers, and the community use our timeless spaces, their possibilities become endless.

Future (vision)

Our vision is to become a celebrated event and performance venue by providing endless possibilities to connect, educate and inspire all who experience The Vert.

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